Pampering Paws: A Guide to Designer Paws Salon Services

In the heart of pet care excellence lies “Designer Paws,” an establishment that goes beyond the conventional to provide top-notch grooming services for our furry companions. With a commitment to the safety and joy of every pet in their care, Designer Paws Salon stands as a haven for pets in need of a grooming retreat.

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Vaccination Vigilance: Ensuring Safety First

At Designer Paws Salon, the well-being of your pets takes precedence. Their meticulous attention to detail begins with a stringent vaccination policy. Before your first visit, the salon requests pet owners to fax vaccination records, emphasizing the significance of up-to-date vaccinations. For weekend appointments, ensuring your veterinarian’s availability is essential to avoid a $25 cancellation fee.

Understanding the post-vaccination recovery period, Designer Paws Salon mandates a 2-day waiting period before grooming. This thoughtful measure ensures that pets have ample time to bounce back from any discomfort, assuring a positive and enjoyable experience during their time at the salon.

The salon also accepts Titer testing within a three-year timeframe, provided it’s faxed on the veterinarian’s letterhead. If, due to medical reasons, your pet can’t receive vaccinations, a letter from your veterinarian explaining the situation is required.

Prerequisites for Paws: Dog and Cat Vaccinations

Dog owners, take note: Designer Paws Salon requires Rabies, DHPP, and Bordatella vaccinations. For cat enthusiasts, Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations are a must. Compliance with these requirements ensures a secure environment for all pets under the salon’s care.

A Polished Arrival: Timeliness and Consideration

Designer Paws Salon values punctuality. Arriving a few minutes early allows your pet to attend to nature’s call before entering the salon, preventing any untimely surprises in the lobby or cages. Owners are urged to be on time for appointments, as a delay of more than 10 minutes may lead to rescheduling, accompanied by a $25 cancellation fee.

Dogs are to be leashed and remain so in the lobby, while cats must be in carriers for their safety. This attention to detail exemplifies the salon’s commitment to the safety and comfort of every pet.

Beyond the Groom: Additional Services and Charges

For pets with flea issues, early communication is key. The salon can isolate the pet, but a $15 fee for flea shampoo will be applied. Dematting services come at a rate of $1.85 per minute, with an additional charge for severe matting that requires shaving.

Handling fees, starting at $20, cater to pets needing extra care due to factors such as old age or aggressive behavior. Designer Paws Salon prides itself on accommodating the diverse needs of every pet.

Policies that Purr: Cancellation and Late Pick-up

Designer Paws Salon operates on a 48-hour cancellation policy. To avoid a $25 cancellation fee, clients are urged to reschedule or cancel well in advance. Late pick-up incurs a charge of $2 per minute past closing time, respecting the salon’s commitment to its staff’s time and well-deserved after-work plans.

Your Pet, The Star: Capturing the Essence

Designer Paws Salon cherishes the opportunity to showcase your pet’s beauty. With a clause allowing the salon to photograph or video your pet for promotional material, your furry companion might just become the star of Designer Paws’ next advertisement.

In conclusion, Designer Paws Salon is more than a grooming destination; it’s a haven where pets receive top-notch care and attention. For those seeking not just a salon but an experience, Designer Paws stands out as the epitome of excellence.

To book your pet’s pampering session or inquire about services, visit Designer Paws Salon today. Your pet deserves the best, and at Designer Paws, that’s exactly what they’ll get.

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